Gerry Gavin and Me

Now the episode I released today is with my new friend and HayHouse author, Gerry Gavin. And if you haven’t read his book, “Messages From Margaret” than I strongly suggest do. This book is quite unique, and I mean unique! This is a channeled book, meaning that Gerry was a conduit for the book’s author. “Who was writing this book?” you may ask. According to Gerry, it was a loving angel named Margaret that he works with regularly to help, heal, and comfort people. And I for one think they are both lovely. For me, the best part about this book and Gerry’s appearance on my show was the messages regarding human sexuality! As a recovering Catholic, Gerry and Margaret’s take on the nature of sexuality has been pretty life changing and has really put so much in perspective. And you can hear him and Margaret in action on his very own show on HayHouse Radio!